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wow...true story.

Lmao this should be the ending of season 5 this is hilarious.

Well Whatever has happened...I feel sorry for you and I hope you are fine,but I just wanted to mention that I like the art style of your animation is so unique.By the way good job.

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Awesome story design and the art style fits the atmosphere on what the game is based on but...just need to improve a few things on the game play other than that the game overall looks promising...good job there I love it also I'm looking forward to get it on steam.

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Ultimate Perfection this song is totally incredible but I felt like something was missing at the end... strange.

wow that really nice doh...I was listing to this on the NG radio,really cool tone I love it.

Hummn interesting tone...maybe I could use this amazing song for one of my future projects...well if you don't mind doh :) I promise I'll give you credit.
I love it ,this is really good keep the good work.

Pahgawk responds:

Yeah thats fine! Glad you like it!

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reminds me of shin megami tensei nocturne for some reason still cool art doh btw what about colouring it.

BluMiu responds:

Know that you said it, I knew it reminded me of something, almost specifically; If I added more to the composition like creatures or the like, it definitely would have that setup. If I had to, I'd want to use watercolors or copic markers, if I had ^^; If and when get my hands on. Til then I could just digital color, but had no plans to color since just a sketch. An idea, though.

That a cute doll.

magnificent...just beautiful.

Just a guy who likes to animate and draw for fun.


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